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Title :正保琉球国絵図に描写された奄美・沖縄のサンゴ礁と港
Title alternative :A Geographical Study of the Coral Reefs and Harbors of the Ryukyu Islands in Shouho-Kuniezu, the Domain Maps Drawn in the 1640s
Authors :渡久地, 健
目崎, 茂和
Authors alternative :Toguchi, Ken
Mezaki, Shigekazu
Issue Date :30-Dec-2013
Abstract :This paper aims to elucidate the representation patterns of coral reefs, the condition and scale of harbors, and the precision of numerical data on coral reefs (width of channels, length of coral reefs, etc.) in Shouho-Kuniezu, drawn as domain maps in the 1640s. The results are as follows:(1) In Shouho-Kuniezu, coral reefs are described as a chain of stepping stones in the Amami Islands and generally as dotted patterns in the Okinawa Islands, Miyako Islands, and Yaeyama Islands, but the coral reefs in the southern part of Okinawa-Jima, the main island of Okinawa, are painted the same color as the land. That means that coral reefs in that area are in shallow water and would appear as “land” in its landscape at low tides.(2) The mighty harbors are located in the bays of rias coastal areas in mountainous high islands. On the one hand, the scale of harbors in low coral islands is generally small, although the estuary forms a large harbor.(3) The numerical data on the width of channels and length of coral reefs in Shouho-Kuniezu is described accurately as a whole. However, the distance between the harbors of Maja-Irie and the Cape Ogami-Saki on Kume-Jima in kogaki (explanatory notes) in maps shows a big gap. On the other hand, the domain map shows no big gap. In other words, the text data in the map is not accurate, but the pictorial data is accurate. Therefore, it shows that the cartographer made a mistake in describing the numerical data on coral reefs in Shouho-Kuniezu.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :2185-4882
Publisher :the International Institute for Okinawan Studies, University of the Ryukyus
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/43609
Citation :International journal of Okinawan studies Vol.4 no.2 p.31 -45
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