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Title :ヤギ子宮の発情周期, 妊娠に伴う変化(畜産学科)
Title alternative :Histological changes on uterus of goats with estrous cycle and pregnancy (Department of Animal Husbandry)
Authors :渡嘉敷, 綏宝
川島, 由次
工藤, 規雄
Authors alternative :Tokashiki, Suiho
Kawashima, Yoshitsugu
Kudo, Norio
Issue Date :1-Dec-1973
Abstract :沖縄産ヤギ20体の子宮を用い, 発情周期, 妊娠に件う組織学的な変化を観察して次の成績を得た。1.上皮細胞はその殆んどが立方ないしは円柱上皮で, その高さを発情周期の各時期についてみると発情後期が最も高く, 次いで発情休止期の順となり, 発情前期と発情期はほぼ等しく, 非繁殖期が最も低い。妊娠時は変動があるようで妊娠初期(前半)は高いが後半になると低くなる傾向を示した。2.上皮組織において一般の上皮細胞の間に細胞質がAzan染色でオレンジ色から青色までの種々の染色性を示し, H.E.染色でエオジンに濃染する上下に細長な細胞が認められた。この細胞(間在細胞)は発情前期に出現し始め, 発情期に増加し, 発情後期には認められなかった。従ってその増加は発情の判定に用いられる。3.上皮組織内にみられる遊走性侵入細胞については, リンパ球が発情周期の各時期に認められ, また大食細胞は発情期に出現し, 発情後期, 発情休止期にも僅かに認められた。好酸球は発情周期中は認められないが, 妊娠時に増加する傾向を示した。4.子宮内膜の結合組織は波状走向を呈する膠原線維が主体である。この線維は緻密層には少ないが海綿層と基底層には多数存在し, 発情周期中顕著な増減は認められなかった。稿を終えるにあたり貴重な御意見を賜わった北海道大学獣医学部杉村誠博士に深甚な謝意を表する。また御協力下さった九州大学農学部畜産学第一研究室の仲田正氏に感謝する。
Histological changes on uterus of goats with estrous cycle and pregnancy were examined. The samples used were obtained from 20 goats, crossed between Sannen and native kind of Okinawa. The results were summarizd as follows : 1. Epithelial cell mainly consists of cuboidal and calumnar epithelium. The height of the calumnar epithelial cell varied with estrous cycle, the highest is appeared on metestrus, the next on diestrus, and then proestrus and estrus with about same order. The lowest calumnar epithelium appeared on non-breeding season. The height also fluctuated during the course of gestation, namely the higher cell seen on the early stage of gestation is gradually changed with the lower on the latter half of gestation. 2. In the epithelial tissue, slender cell of which cytoplasm is stained variously from orange to blue by the Azan stain and is also intensely stained eosin by H-E stain, is observed among general epithelial cells. The cell, named intercalar cell, appears firstly on the proestrus and increases its number on estrus, but never observed on metestrus. Therefore the increase of intercalar cell can be able to use for judgment of estrus. 3. On the intruded cell (wandering cell) appeared in epihelial tissue lymphocyte is observed on each (stage) of estrous cycle, and macrophage is mainly appeared on estrus, but also observed slightly on both stage of metestrus and diestrus. Acidophil leucocyte is not observed during estrous cycle, but it showed tendency to increase its numbers during gestation. 4. Connective tissue of endometrium is mainly consisted of collagenous fiber showing wavy direction. The fiber exists a few in compact layer, but much in both of spongy and basal layers. During estrous cycle, remarkable change in number of fiber is not observed.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/4433
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.20 p.191 -201
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