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Title :第 3 報 女子成人病検診における血清蛋白質分画の生理的臨床的意義について(血清蛋白質の電気泳動法的研究)(畜産学科)
Title alternative :III Physiological and clinical significance of serum protein fractionation in the examination of women's adult diseases (Electrophoretic studies on serum protein) (Department of Animal Husbandry)
Authors :山川, 宗儀
Authors alternative :Yamakawa, Munenori
Issue Date :1-Dec-1973
Abstract :今回は, 40∿70才までの札幌市女子職員299名について, 成人病検査の「スクリニング」結果と電気泳動法による「血消蛋白質分画値」との関係について検討を試みた。 1.成績 1)A_1群‥93名(31%)の成績は表2に示したごとく, その全平均値および年令別分画値は今回成人病検診における「正常値」と推定される。γ-globulin値は男性のそれに較べてやや高い値を示している。2)A_2群‥83名(28%)の成績は表3に示したごとく, A : Gおよびglobulin分画の相互関連性の面を除いてはA_1群の値と大差なく, 「正常値」に準ずる値と考えられる。3)A_3群・A_4群‥計110名の成績は表4,表5に示したごとく, 総蛋白値を除いては, A_1群とは各分画, 各年令層にそれぞれ差異が認められ, 特にalbumin, γ-globulin値は平均値において「病的値」と推定された。4)要精密検査_1群および要精密検査_2群‥計13名の成績は表6,表7に示したごとく, 例数が僅少のため検討が困難で, 後日報告予定の「精密検査」の結果と一緒にまとめて報告する。2.まとめ 以上の結果より, 綜合判定A群のうち, A_3群, A_4群は再考を要するグループであり, そのためには, 濾紙電気泳動法による血清蛋白質分画の測定を臨床検査上に普遍的に応用することが望ましい。
This research was conducted to examine the relationships of the results of screening tests (physico-chemical tests for digestive system, circulatory system and renal functions) for adult diseases of 299 women workers (ages of 40 to 70) andflactuations in serum proteinsand also to investigate the clinical and physiological significance of these two methods. The results are summarized as follows : 1. A_1 group. Concerning with the results of 93 cases (31%), as shown in table 2,it is suggested that the overall average and fraction values within an age group be the same as thenormal valuesobtained in the present study. The r-globulin values of women showed higher values than those of men. 2. A_2 group. As for the results of 83 cases (28%), as presented in table 3,it is interpreted that there are no significant differences between fraction values of A_2 group and those of A_1 group except albumin-globulin ratio and reciprocal relationships among the globulin values. 3. A_3 and A_4 groups. The results of 110 cases of these two groups are shown in tables 4 and 5. Significant differences were observed between each fraction or fraction values within an age group of A_3 or A_4 and those of A_1 group except total protein contents. It is also suggested that the average values of albumin and r-globulin be theabnormal values. 4. Groups 1 and 2 which require close examination. As the resulst of 13 cases, as shown in thable 6 and 7,is not large enough for discussion, they will be discussed together withClose Examinationwhich is planed to be published pretty soon. As a result of 4 points mentioned above, of all A groups in overall dignosis, groups A_3 and A_4 must be reconsidered. For this purpose, measurement of serum protein by adopting paper electrophoresis must be clinically and generally applied.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/4439
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.20 p.291 -305
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