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Title :慣行栽培条件下におけるヘテロシス(イネの一代雑種利用に関する基礎的研究 III)(農学科)
Title alternative :Heterosis under economical cultivating field conditions (Basic studies on utilization of F_1 hybrid in rice III) (Department of Agriculture)
Authors :村山, 盛一
Authors alternative :Murayama, Seiichi
Issue Date :1-Dec-1972
Abstract :1.イネのヘテロシスについて検討するために25品種の交配親を用いて45組合せのF_1雑種を作成し慣行栽培に準じて実験を行なった。調査は全重・収量・穂数・一穂粒数・千粒重・稈長・穂長について行なった。2.全重におけるヘテロシスは顕著で, 高い親をしのいだもの30組合せ, うち60%以上増加したのが1組合せみられた。3.収量では33組合せで高い親をしのぎ, うち6組合せでは有意であった。F_1と親品種について収量の分布をみるとそれぞれ26∿55(g/pl.), 11∿40(g/pl.)の範囲にあり, F_1の収量がはるかに高かった。F_1が供試親品種の中で最高収量を示したベニセンゴクより高収な組合せが13あり, うち最も組合せ能力の高いのは鈴成×Zenith C.I.7787で, これは中間親より84%, 高い親より64%, さらにベニセンゴクより35%も収量が多くいずれも有意であった。4.収量構成要素の中では一穂粒数のヘテロシスが最も高く, 高い親よりすぐれているのが20組合せあり, 最も組合せ能力の高いものでは40%以上のヘテロシスを示した。しかし, 穂数におけるヘテロシスは低く, 20%以上増加した組合せは少い。5.稈長・穂長においては両親をしのいだ組合せの数は多いが, 概してヘテロシスの程度は低く, 高い親より20%以上のヘテロシスを示した組合せはみられなかった。6.収量に関してヘテロシスとF_1,F_1と中間親さらにヘテロシスと中間親の関係を調べてみると, それぞれ相関係数がr=0.670(1%水準で有意), r=0.314(5%水準で有意)およびr=-0.484(1%水準で有意)となり, 前二者の結果と後者の結果では矛盾を示した。すなわち中間親収量は必ずしも組合せ能力の高い親の選定に役立つとは限らない。
To study of heterosis in rice, the author obtained 45 F_1 hybrids used 25 varieties, and the experiment was carried out under field conditions which were economical planting density and fertilizer level. The characters which investigated in this experiment were total dry weight, grain yield, panicle numbers per plant, spikelet numbers per panicle, one thousand kelnel weight, culm length and panicle length. The following will be the results of this study; 1. Heterosis in total dry weight was remarkable, and 30 conbinations were higher than higher parent, and one of them was higher by 60%. 2. In grain yield, 33 F_1 hybrids exceeded higher parent, and 6 of them were significant. 13 F_1 hybrids exceeded the highest yielding variety, Benisengoku. The combining ability of Suzunari×Zenith C.I. 7787 was the highest of all the F_1 hybrids, and exceeded mid-parent, higher parent and Benisengoku by 84%, 64%, and 35% respectively. 3. Heterosis in spikelet numbers per panicle was the highest of some yield component characters, and the most excellent F_1 hybrid exceeded higher parent by 40%. And heterosis in panicle numbers per plant was low. 4. In general, heterosis in culm length and panicle length were low, and F_1 hybrid which exceeded higher parent by more than 20% was nothing. 5. For grain yield, the author calculated correlation coefficient between the degree of heterosis and F_1; (r=0.670), between F_1 and mid-parent; (r=0.314), and the degree of heterosis and mid-parent; (r=-0.484). And all of them were significant at 5 or 1% level. From these results, the author concluded that mid-parent yield was not always useful for estimation of combining ability.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/4455
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.19 p.65 -74
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