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Title :甘蔗バガスの利用に関する研究 : 第 2 報 バガス分解カビの分離ならびに酵素的性質(農芸化学科)
Title alternative :Studies on the utilization of sugarcane bagasse : II. Isolation and some enzymatic properties of sugarcane bagasse-decomposing molds (Department of Agricultural Chemistry)
Authors :当山, 清善
宮里, 興信
金城, 均
Authors alternative :Toyama, Seizen
Miyazato, Koshin
Kinjo, Hitoshi
Issue Date :1-Dec-1972
Abstract :甘蔗バガスを分解するカビを検索分離するとともに, 分離菌の酵素作用について調べ, 次の結果を得た。1.熱水処理バガスを唯一の炭素源とした液体培地に生育するカビが砂糖きび畑土壌などから分離された。分離されたほとんどのカビはTrichoderma属の菌株であった。2.分離菌株のバガスコウジ抽出粗酵素液は熱水処理バガスよりもカセイソーダ処理バガスをよく分解して還元糖を生成した。3.分離したTrichoderma B-353菌株の粗酵素液は熱水処理バガスおよびカセイソーダ処理バガスをよく分解した。分解の程度はバガスを処理するカセイソーダ濃度で異なり, 0.5%カセイソーダで処理したバガスが最もよく分解された。4.Trichoderma B-353菌株の硫安塩析酵素液は, 熱水処理バガス, バガスセルロースおよびアビセルを分解してセロビオースおよびグルコースを生成した。また本酵素はカセイソーダ処理バガスを分解してセロビオース, グルコースおよびキシロースを生成し, セロビオースを分解してグルコースを生成した。
This work was done to isolate sugarcane bagasse-decomposing molds and to clarify some properties of the enzyme derived from the isolates. The results obtained were as follows : 1. Molds which were grown in the liquid medium containing heat water treated bagasse as a sole carbon source were isolated from the soils of sugarcane fields and others. Most of the isolates belonged to the species of Trichoderma. 2. Crude enzyme preparations were prepared from the bagasse-Koji extracts of the isolates. Compared with heat water-treated bagasse, NaOH-treated bagasse was well decomposed by the preparations. 3. The crude enzme preparation of Trichcderma No.353,newly isolated, decomposed considerably heat water-treated bagasse, as well as NaOH-treated bagasse. The degree of the decomposition was affected by the concentration of NaOH used for the treatment of bagasse. The bagasse treated with 0.5% NaOH was most highly decomposed. 4. The products of the enzymatic decomposition of treated bagasse, Avicel and cellobiose were investigated by means of paper chromatography. Cellobiose and glucose were produced from heat water-treated bagasse and Avicel. Xylose, in addition to cellobiose and glucose, was produced from NaOH-treated bagasse, and glucose from cellobiose.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/4462
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.19 p.279 -290
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