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Title :ヤギの子宮静脈について(畜産学科)
Title alternative :Histological studies on Vena uterina of goats (Department of Animal Husbandry)
Authors :渡嘉敷, 綏宝
川島, 由次
工藤, 規雄
山野, 秀二
Authors alternative :Tokashiki, Suiho
Kawashima, Yoshitsugu
Kudo, Norio
Yamano, Shuji
Issue Date :1-Dec-1972
Abstract :沖縄産ヤギ25例の子宮静脈を用い, 経産に伴う組織学的な変化を観察し, 次の成績を得た。1.各所見とも一般に根部, 中央部, 先端部における変化の違いは著明でない。2.未経産群, 1産群でも少数例では局部的に内膜肥厚を示すものがあるが, 2,3産群では高度の肥厚を示すものが現われ, 内膜肥厚部に軽度のいわゆる硬変性妊娠輪類似の所見を示すものもある。3.経産回数の増加にともない内皮下弾性線維は断片状から輪走状に, その屈曲性も高度となり, さらにその周辺に弾性物質が出現するようになる。4.中膜の平滑筋に介在する弾性線維は経産回数の増すにしたがい漸増する。5.外膜の弾性線維は経産回数の増加にともない, その量と太さを増し, また漸次輪走性走向を示すものが増すようになる。それとともに弾性線維周辺に弾性物質が出現し, 線維の輪廓不明瞭となる。6.ヤギ子宮静脈の変化は, 子宮動脈の変化と同様に, 経産による影響が強く現われ, 且つウシ子宮静脈のそれと同様に外膜の変化が著明に現われる。
Histological changes in the vena uterina of nullipara and multipara goats were examined. The samples used were obtained from 25 goats, crossed between Sannen and native kind of Okinawa. The results were summarized as follows : 1. Generally, in each sample, no definite histological changes were observed among portion of root, middle and end of the vena uterina. 2. Figures of hyperplastic swelling of the tunica intima were locally observed even in a few cases of nullipara and 1 parturition groups. The degree of above findings in those of 2 and 3 parturitions groups was a high, and at parts of the findings of the some samples, similar figures with so calledsclerotic gestation ringswere slightly observed. 3. As the number of pregnancy increased, the figures of subendothelial elastic fibers gradually changed from fragmental form to ringed form. The degree of flexibility of the fibers was also increased, and elastic substance became to be appeared arround them. 4. Elastic fibers found in unstriated muscle of the tunica media were gradually increased in their volumes parallel to the number of pregnancy. 5. Similarly, the elastic fibers of the tunica externa were increased in their quantity and diameter, and moreover, direction of the fibers was gradually changed from longitudinal to ringed ones. Parallel of those findings, elastic substance appeared arround the elastic fibers and consequently, contour of the fibers became indefinite. 6. Histological changes found in the vena uterina of the goats were strongly affected by pregnancy and parturition as those found in the arteria uterina. Definite changes were especially observed in the tunica externa. These findings were similar with those observed in the vena uterina of cows.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/4469
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.19 p.379 -394
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