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Title :幕末琉球におけるベッテルハイムの宣教と崎浜の「殉教」 : コンタクトゾーンにおける自律性についての一考察
Title alternative :B. J. Bettelheim’s Ryukyu Mission and Its “Martyr”: The Issue of Autonomy in the Contact-zone Kingdom
Authors :浜川, 仁
Authors alternative :Hamagawa, Hitoshi
Issue Date :26-Dec-2016
Abstract :This essay is an attempt to approach the issue of autonomy in early-modern Ryukyu under Satsuma rule, by focusing on the function of reporting on two sides of a cross-cultural encounter: the reports by Bettelheim and by the Ryukyuan royal authorities. It is suggested that reports do not describe events straightforwardly, but in reality mirror the ingenuity of the compilers who work tactfully with the procedural manuals in order to justify their stances and ensure their survival. A case in point is the reporting of the death of a young Ryukyuan Sachihama, a turning point in Bettelheim’s mission, occurring in the midst of his Ryukyuan sojourn. His recording and reporting on Sachihama’s “martyrdom” offered him not only an opportunity to encourage the British government to reconsider its foreign policy towards Japan, but also an opportune occasion to suggest that the Loochoo Naval Mission committee had been mishandling his mission. On the Ryukyuan side, an offi cial comment on the same event found in the surviving Hyōjōsho Monjo records shows Sachihama’s case to have been downplayed. This paper draws readers’ attention to the act of a cover-up, i.e., part of an ongoing effort on the part of the senior Ryukyuan offi cials to sustain their legitimacy and polity under Japan’s “closed-door” policy.
Type Local :雑誌掲載論文
ISBN :9784327333119
ISSN :2185-4882
Publisher :琉球大学国際沖縄研究所
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/44727
Citation :IJOS: International Journal of Okinawan Studies Vol.7 p.1 -18
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