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Title :沖縄におけるサトウキビの蒸発散量 第 3 報(農業工学科)
Title alternative :Evapotranspiration of sugarcane produced in Okinawa III (Department of Agricultural Engineering)
Authors :山城, 三郎
Authors alternative :Yamashiro, Saburo
Issue Date :1-Dec-1971
Abstract :1)本研究は沖縄におけるサトウキビの蒸発散量と気象条件との関係を調べるものである。2)実験圃場は第1報, 第2報と同様琉球大学農学部附属農場に設置し, 供試品種にはN : Co, 310を採用した。3)サトウキビの蒸発散量としては1966年9月∿1971年2月にライシメーターにより測定した夏植えサトウキビの月平均日蒸発散量を用いた。4)気象条件としては1966年9月∿1971年2月に琉球大学農学部附属農場で測定した月平均日蒸発計蒸発量と琉球気象庁の資料にもとずく同期間の月平均日水平面日射量を採用した。5)夏植えサトウキビ植え付け翌年の1月∿5月は蒸発散量より蒸発計蒸発量が多く, 6月∿10月は逆に蒸発散量が多くなり, その後は両者ほとんど同じ値を示している。6)夏植えサトウキビ植え付け翌年の月平均日蒸発散量(ET mm/day)と月平均日水平面日射量(S Cal/(cm)^2.day)および月平均日蒸発計蒸発量(E mm/day)の間には次のような関係がある。E=0.009S-0.1 ET=0.010S-0.4 ET=1.1E-0.3 7)以上の式は四ケ年のデーターにもとずくものであり, 長期にまたがる測定の結果, これらの式の定数はいくらか変わるものと考える。
This study was done in order to investigate effects of the weather on evapotran-spiration of the sugarcane grown in Okinawa. This investigation was carried out in the University of the Ryukyus farm as done for part 1. and part 2. The sugarcane used in this investigation was a variety N : Co, 310. The daily evapotranspirations of sugarcane were measured with three lysimeters and an electric resistance moisture meter from September, 1966 to February, 1971 and their monthly averages were used in this report. As climatic facters, used were those of monthly averages of daily pan evaporation recorded at the university farm for the experimental period and those of global solar radiation recorded in the Monthly Weather Review by the Ryukyu Meteorological Agency. The pan evaporation was greater than the evapotranspiration of the summer-planted sugarcane during the period of following January through May, whereas the evapotran-spiration became greater than the pan evaporation during the June through October period. The two measurements showed similar values after October. It was found from the four years experiment that relations among the monthly averages of daily pan evaporation (E, mm/day), the monthly averages of daily global solar radiation (S, cal/(cm)^2. day) and the monthly averages of daily evapotranspiration (ET, mm/day) for the summer-planted sugarcane after the following January were to be expressed as follows;
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/4491
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.18 p.109 -119
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