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Title :ヤギの子宮壁動脈について(畜産学科)
Title alternative :Histological studies on the arteries of the uterine wall of goats (Department of Animal Husbandry)
Authors :渡嘉敷, 綏宝
工藤, 規雄
Authors alternative :Tokashiki, Suiho
Kudo, Norio
Issue Date :1-Dec-1971
Abstract :沖縄産ザーネン雑種の産歴, 性周期等明瞭な32体の子宮壁内動脈について組織学的観察をおこなった。1.子宮壁に現われる動脈は上皮層に近づくにしたがい変性高度となる傾向がある。2.未経産の小動脈では外径の約1/2が内径であり, 経産例では外径の約1/3が内径で経産例の動脈壁は未経産例のそれにくらべ著しく厚い。また経産例の動脈では径の大なるものが多数出現する。3.子宮筋層の動脈の迂曲は未経産例にくらべ経産例ではより高度である。4.ヤギ子宮壁にみられる動脈をその組織学的構造から10型に区別した。5.子宮内膜の動脈では未経産例でA, B, C3型のみがみられるが, 経産例ではその他の型も多数出現し, 1産1年例ですでに高度の変性を示すH, I, J型が検出される。6.子宮筋層の動脈では未経産例でB, C2型のみがみられ, 1産例でD, E型, 2産例以上でF型以上のものが出現, 高度の変性を示すH, I, J型は2産, 4年以上の例のみに検出される。7.肥厚内膜の層状構造を示すG型は子宮内膜では2産, 3年以上, 子宮筋層では3産, 4年以上の例にみられる。8.ヤギ子宮内膜では急速な動脈の変性と新生がおこなわれ, 子宮筋層ではより緩徐な変化が妊娠, 出産によって惹起されるものと解される。本研究の要旨は第71回日本獣医学会(1971年4月)において発表した。
Histological studies on the artery of uterine wall were performed as to 32 hybridgoats, crossed between Saanen and a native kind of Okinawa, whose history of a parturition and of an estrous cycle was exactly known. The results obtained were summarized as follows : 1) A degree of degeneration of the arteries of uterine wall tended to an intensity according as the arteries closed with the epithelial layer. 2) The artery wall was markedly thicker in the case of multipara Goats than that of nullipara, namely, in the former an internal diameter of small arteries of the uterine wall hold about a half of an external diameter, while in the latter was about one-third. The artery with a large diamater was frequently seen in the uterine wall of the multipara. 3) A degree of a winding of the artery of myometrium was an intense in the case of multipara goats than that of the nullipara. 4) The artery of uterine wall could be classified histologically into 10 types (A-J types). 5) About the artery of endometrium, only the types of A, B and C were observed in the case of nullipara, while in the multipara, many other types were also observed, namely, even in the case of 1 year old, who have had 1 parturition the types of H, I and J, indicated a higher degeneration, were already appeared. 6) As to the artery of myometrium, only 2 types, B and C, were observed in the case of the nullipara, on the other hand, the type of D or E in the case of 1 parturition, and further the type F or types more degenerative in the 2 parturitions or more were observed respectively. The types H, I and J were only appeared in the goats over 4 years old or 2 parturitions. 7) The type of G indicated lamellar structures in the hyperplastically swelled tunica intima was observed in the endometrium of the goats over 3 years old or 2 parturitions and was also observed in the myometrium of the ones over 4 years old or 3 parturitions 8) It seemed to be that in the endometrium, a degeneration and formation of the artery was rapidly held, while in the myometrium a degeneration was slowly caused by a state of a pregnancy or of a parturition.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/4496
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.18 p.151 -164
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