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Title :Flavonoids from three Wild Glycine Species in Japan and Taiwan
Authors :Iwashina, Tsukasa
Kokubugata, Goro
Nakamura, Koh
Mizuno, Takayuki
Devkota, Prasad Hari
Yokota, Masatsugu
Murai, Yoshinori
Saito, Yukiko
Issue Date :1-Dec-2018
Abstract :Fourteen flavonols, four flavones and six isoflavones were isolated from the aerial parts of two Japanese Glycine species, G. tabacina and G. koidzumii, and the leaves of Taiwanese G. max subsp. formosana. Of their flavonoids, twelve flavonols were identified as kaempferol 3-O-sophoroside (1), 3-O-rutinoside (2), 3-O-robinobioside (3) and 3-O-rhamnosyl-(1→4)-[rhamnosyl-(1→6)-galactoside] (4), quercetin 3-O-gentiobioside (5), 3-O-glucoside (6), 3-O-galactoside (7), 3-O-rutinoside (8), 3-O-robinobioside (9) and 3-O-rhamnosyl-(1→4)-[rhamnosyl-(1→6)-galactoside] (10), and isorhamnetin 3-O-rutinoside (11) and 3-O-robinobioside (12). Other two flavonols were characterized as isorhamnetin 3-O-rhamnosylrhamnosylglucoside (13) and 3-O-rhamnosylrhamnosylgalactoside (14). Four flavones and six isoflavones were estimated as schaftoside (15), apigenin 6,8-di-C-arabinoside (16), luteolin 7-O-glucoside (17) and chrysoeriol 7-O-glucoside (18), and daidzein 7-O-glucoside (19), 4'-O-glucoside (20) and 7-O-xylosylglucoside (21), genistein 7-O-glucoside (22) and 4'-O-glucoside (23), and 3'-O-methylorobol 7-O-glucoside (24). Although flavonoid composition of G. tabacina and G. koidzumii was similar to each other, that of G. max subsp. formosana was different with those of two Japanese Glycine species described above. Flavonoids of their Glycine species were reported for the first time except for those of G. tabacina.
URL :https://doi.org/10.1177/1934578X1801301218
Type Local :雑誌掲載論文
ISSN :1934-578X
Publisher :Natural Product Communications
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/45105
Citation :Natural Product Communications Vol.13 no.12 p.1641 -1644
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