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Title :栽培イネにおける細胞質的雄性不稔性の研究 : I. 雄性不稔と花粉稔性回復系統の育成経過, および自然環境に対するそれらの安定性(農学科)
Title alternative :Cytoplasmic-genetic male sterility in cultivated rice, Oryza sativa L. : I. The process of developing complete male-sterile and restorer lines, and their stability against natural environments (Department of Agriculture)
Authors :新城, 長有
Authors alternative :Shinjyo, Choyu
Issue Date :1-Dec-1970
Abstract :多くの研究者によって, 栽培イネの品種間雑種不稔性が報告された。しかし, 核内遺伝子と細胞質との相互作用で説明される雄性不稔性を報告した事例はない。本研究ではChinsurah Boro II (Indica) と台中65号(Japonica)を主材料とした。それら2品種間の相反交雑F_1,F_2および連続戻交雑後代の花粉稔性の差異は, 核内遺伝子(1対)と細胞質との相互作用で説明された。Chinsurah Boro IIは雄性不稔細胞質〔ms〕と花粉稔性回復遺伝子Rf Rfをもち, 台中65号は正常細胞質〔ms^+〕と非回復遺伝子rf rfをもつと推定された。また雄性不稔個体は〔ms〕rf rfで, 雄性半稔個体は〔ms〕Rf rf, この半稔個体を自殖してえた雄性完稔個体は〔ms〕Rf Rfと推定された。正常細胞質をもつ系統は核内遺伝子型に関係なく, 雄性完稔になると仮定すれば, 実験結果がよく説明された。気象条件の異なる第1期作(2月∿7月)ならびに第2期作で(7月∿11月), 9年にわたって雑種系統が栽培された。また株分け法で増殖した系統を5回反復栽培(1967年の第2期作から1969年第2期作まで)した結果, 本報の花粉稔性は自然環境に対する安定性の高いことが明らかにされた。
Many investigaters made genetical studies of hybrid sterility in cultivated varieties of rice, Oryza sativa L. But there was no instance in which completely male-sterile line was developed by the interaction between male-sterility-inducing cytoplasm and nuclear genes. In the study, variety Chinsurah Boro II (Indica) and Taichung 65 (Japonica) were used as the main materials. Different pollen-fertilities of the F_<1s>, F_<2s> and their repeatedly back-crossed progenies which were derived from the reciprocal crossings between both varieties were explained by the interaction between the cytoplasm and nuclear gene (s). It indicated that Chinsurah Boro II had male-sterility-inducing cytoplasm [ms] and pollen-fertility-restoring genes Rf Rf and Taichung 65 had normal-type cytoplasm and non-restorer genes rf rf. Therefore, the genotypes of completely male-sterile, partially male-fertile and completely male-fertile lines which had male-sterility-inducing cytoplasm showed [ms] rf rf, [ms] Rf rf and [ms] Rf Rf, respectively. Completely male-sterile [ms] rf rf and restorer [ms] Rf Rf lines which had almost identical to the characteristics of Taichung 65 may be used as the original transmitters when we introduce them into various varieties of rice. The present study had been done in the first and second rice growing when the environments differed in Okinawa for nine years, and also was done in Taipei, Taiwan. As long as the male-sterile line was crossed to the maintainer line, every progeny became complete male-sterility. The segregation ratio of partially male-sterile and completely male-sterile plants in each segregating generation was normal in Okinawa and Taipei. It indicates that every genotype line with male-sterility-inducing cytoplasm has the high stability against the natural environments.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/4521
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.17 p.261 -272
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