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Title :沖縄系アルゼンチン人とバスク系アルゼンチン人のホームランドに対する意識の比較検討
Title alternative :Comparative Study of Okinawa and Basque Argentines' Opinion on Homelands
Authors :金城, 宏幸
花木, 宏直
Authors alternative :Kinjo, Hiroyuki
Hanaki, Hironao
Issue Date :Mar-2019
Abstract :As a part of the comparative immigration research group at the University of the Ryukyus, this study compared Okinawan and Basque immigrants’ opinions on their collective area in the Argentina. The study used questionnaires with Okinawans in 12 regions of the world in2011, Basque Argentines in 2015, Okinawan Argentines in 2016, and Basque Argentines in2017. The research revealed that both Okinawans and Basques had strong consciousness of their culture and traditions. However, although Okinawans made much of their origins, Basques made much of their practice of their language and culture. In addition, Basques had even higher levels of language ability and stronger identity than Okinawans, who had high Japanese language ability and strong Japanese identity. The following three points were considered for this reason. First, Okinawans are the majority in the Japanese Argentine population. Second, Okinawans immigrated to Argentina later than Basques and more first generation. Third, the Basque government tackled their language and diaspora policies earlier and more actively than the Okinawa prefecture. Thus, Basques, including Basques from the Navarra and the French Basque area, had greater political consciousness of their homeland, that is, the Basque autonomous region than Okinawans. Although Okinawans organized locality-based associations by hometown, Basques organized them by domicile. From now on, we need to study Okinawan and Basque networks’ qualitative differences, reasons or their differences, influences on their future diaspora communities, and interchanges between their diasporas and homelands. Therefore, we plan an opinion survey for another collective area in the United States, domestic immigrants in Spain and Japan and their homelands of Okinawa and Basque areas.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :1881-0829
Publisher :沖縄移民研究センター
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/45308
Citation :移民研究 = Immigration Studies no.15 p.71 -92
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