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Title :市販果実缶詰のビタミン C : ミカン, パイナップル, モモ, フルーツカクテルについて(家政学科)
Title alternative :Vitamin C content of canned fruits at the retail level (Department of Home Economics)
Authors :外間, ゆき
桂, 正子
Authors alternative :Hokama, Yuki
Katsura, Masako
Issue Date :1-Dec-1970
Abstract :市販の果実缶詰中には日本以外の外国製品も多く, それらのビタミンC含有量を知るために, ミカン缶, パイナップル缶, モモ缶, フルーツカクテル缶, 合計78缶について測定を行った。1.経過日数のわかったものは日本と沖縄の製品42缶だけであるが, その中, 1年以上経過したものが15缶あった。2.缶詰中の果実とシラップの重量比は, 約60対40であった。3.酸度は, 果実とシラップ間に著しい差はなく, 高い順にのべると, ミカン, パイナップル, モモ(白), フルーツカクテル, モモ(黄)であった。4.糖度は同じく果実, シラップ間に著しい差は認められなかった。高い順にのべると, パイナップルモモ(黄), フルーツカクテル, モモ(白), ミカンであった。5.ビタミンC含有量については, 平均値と不偏分散と母平均値を求めた。そして成分表値と比較したが, ミカンは果実が15.03±1.83,シラップが14.63±1.80,パイナップルは5.60±0.91と5.37±0.88,モモ(黄)は, 4.27±0.77と4.55±1.04,モモ(白)は0.48±0.48と0.90±0.84,フルーツカクテルは2.32±0.30と1.87±0.23mg%となって, 成分表値とよく一致したのは, ミカン, フルーツカクテルで, パイナップルとモモ(白)成分表値が高く, モモ(黄)は成分表値が低い。なお, それぞれの果実缶において, 果実とシラップの二群間のビタミンC含有量はα=0.05で有意差ありと認められた。
Many kinds of Japanese made and foreign made fruit cans are marketed. For the analyses of vitamin C content of these canned fruits and sirup 78 cans were used. They were orange, pineapple, peach (white), peach (yellow), and fruit cocktail cans. At the same time acidity and brix were also examined. 1. Among 42 Japanese made fruit cans 15 cans were one year old or more. 2. The weight ratio of canned fruit to sirup was about 60 : 40. 3. There was little difference in acidity between canned fruit and sirup. But in the following order the higher value of acidity was got; orange, pineapple, peach (white) fruit cocktail, and peach (yellow). 4. There was little difference in brix between canned fruit and sirup. But in the following order the higher value of brix was got : pineapple, peach (yellow), fruit cocktail, peach (white), and orange. 5. On vitamin C content the mean value of the universe in each canned fruit group was estimated and compared with the value which was given in the food component table. That is, orange (15.03±1.83 and 14.63±1.80), pineapple (5.60±0.9 land 5.37±0.88), peach (yellow) (4.27±0.77 and 4.55±1.04), peach (white) (0.48±0.48 and 0.90±0.84), and fruit cocktail (2.32±0.30 and 1.87±0.23) The values of vitamin C content of the canned orange and fruit cocktail showed similar values to those which were given in the table. On pineapple and peach (white) the values given in the table were higher than the estimated values. On peach (yellow) the value given in the table was lower than the estimated value. The result was statisticalt significant in vitamin C content between the canned fruit and sirup; that is, α=0.05.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/4532
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.17 p.504 -508
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