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Title :沖縄産食品のビタミン C に関する研究 (I) : へちま (Luffa cylindrica Roem.) について(家政学科)
Title alternative :Studies on the Vitamin C in foods on Okinawa (I) : Sponge gourd (Department of Home Economics)
Authors :外間, ゆき
東盛, キヨ子
Authors alternative :Hokama, Yuki
Higashimori, Kiyoko
Issue Date :1-Dec-1970
Abstract :へちま(Ruffa cylindrica Roem.)の一般成分とビタミンC含有量を測定した。1.一般成分は, 平均値で, 水分95.35%, 粗蛋白質0.28%, 粗脂肪0.17%, 可溶性無窒素物3.63%粗繊維0.23%, 粗灰分0.36%, 熱量18.0Calであった。2.ビタミン含有量は細長型と太短型とで有意差はなく, へちま可食部100g中, 18.51mgであった。へちまの重量と100g中のビタミンC量の2変量間の相関係数はr=-0.574で負の相関が認められた。又, へちま1個中, 細長型で約600g, 太短型で約400gまではビタミンCは増加するが, それ以後は減少した。へちまの長さを3等分して, 部位別ビタミンC量を測定したが, 有意差は認められなかった。
The general components and Vitamin C content of Ruffa cylindrica Roem. were examined. The general components are Moisture, Crude Protein, Crude Fat, Nitrogen free Extract, Crude Fiber, Crude Ash, and Food energy. 1. The mean value of each component was : Moisture-93.35%, Crude Protein-0.28%, Crude Fat-0.17%, Nitrogen free Extract-3.63%, Crude Fiber-0.23%, Crude Ash-0.36%, and Food energy-18.0Cal. 2. There was no significant difference in Vitamin C content between the slender type and the stout type of Ruffa c lindrica Roem. But on average, 18.51mg of Vitamin C was gotten from 100g of Ruffa cylindrica Roem. (eatable part). The correlation coefficient of Vitamin C content in 100g and the weight of Ruffa cylindrica Roem. was : r=-0.574. It showed negative correlation between the weight and Vitamin C content. On the slender type of Ruffa cylindrica Roem., Vitamin C content increased in proportion to the weight up to its 600g. But in case of more than 600g Vitamin C content decresed. On the stout type, Vitamin C content also increased in proportion to the weight up to its 400g. But in case of more than 400g it decreased. As the final experiment, Ruffa cylindrica Roem. was cut into three parts. In each part Vitamin C content was examined, but the result was not significant in Vitamin C content among these three parts.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/4533
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.17 p.509 -514
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