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Title :ハツカダイコンに対する施肥量試験(毛管移動による地中給水施肥栽培の研究 II)(農学科)
Title alternative :Fertilization trial to radish (Studies on water and fertilizer supply by capillary movement II) (Department of Forestry)
Authors :友寄, 長重
仲間, 操
Authors alternative :Tomoyose, Choju
Nakama, Misao
Issue Date :1-Oct-1969
Abstract :前記論文のために使用した16ベッドの内6ベッドを使用してハツカダイコンに対する施肥量試験を行なった。6ベッドの内3ベッドの導水管にガラス粉をつめた。前記論文の図中のポリシーツの幅を20cmにして中央下30cmの所にしいた。各ベッドの中央ポリシーツの上に1条, それから20cm間隔に両側に3条ずつ, 1条に2gずつ播種した。住友液肥2号週1回第1表に示されている通り貯水管の中に入れた。水は試験期間中の42日間に161lずつ入れた。結果は第2,3,4表に示した。石灰岩質の砂は導水管中では1年位で固結するのでガラス粉に取替えてよいと思われる。肥料は多い程成績はよかった。前作に与えた肥料の残効性も相当あると思われる。ベッドの西側は東側より午後の日光を強く受けるため, 蒸発量が多く, 毛管水の移動がよいため, 成績がよかったと思われる。このような毛管移動による地中給水施肥栽培では貯水管をはさんで2条植えが最もよいが, 施設の有効利用のため, ベッドの構造の改善, 施肥量の増加が考えられる。
Of the 16 beds used for the preceding paper, 6 beds were used for this experiment. Sand in the water-conducting pipes of 3 beds were changed to crashed glass. In all beds, the sheets of plastic film in the center of beds were removed. And a size of 20cm×4m was placed in the center of bed in sand 3cm below the surface of each bed. In the center of each bed above the plastic sheet, one row was made, and 20,40,and 60cm apart from the central row, 3 rows were made on both sides. In each row 2 grams of radish (variety : O-akamaru) seeds were sown on January 28,1969. As shown in Table 1,Sumitomo Liquid Fertilizer No. 2 (10-5-8) was poured in the water-storage pipe once in a week. It was also supplied with 161 liters of water for the period of 42 days. The results are shown in Tables 2,3,and 4. Since the calcarious sand in the water-conducting pipes is concreted within a year or two, it is considered that it is better to change to crashed glass. The greater was the amount of fertilizer, the greater was the harvest. It is considered that the residual effect of fertilizer applied to the preceded crop was great. The radish plants in the west side of the bed were much better grown than those in the east side due to stronger sunlight in the afternoon and greater movement of water and fertilizer by capillarity. In this method of water and fertilizer application, it is best to plant in two rows between which the water-storage pipe is lying. But for effective utilization of the bed, an improvement of the structure of bed and increase of the amount of fertilzier may be considered.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/4538
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.16 p.19 -24
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