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Title :農村の 1 小学校について(沖縄における学童の栄養調査 VI)(家政学科)
Title alternative :Rural elementary school (Nutritional survey of school children in Okinawa VI) (Department of Home Economics)
Authors :外間, ゆき
稲福, 盛輝
尚, 弘子
新垣, 博子
Authors alternative :Hokama, Yuki
Inafuku, Seiki
Sho, Hiroko
Arakaki, Hiroko
Issue Date :1-Oct-1969
Abstract :1.1967年11月に献立調査, 同年12月に食餌調査, 身体計測・身体症候調査を東風平小学校の満9才から満11才の男女学童について実施した。2.献立調査の結果, 朝食は飯と汁物とおかずの型が多く, 夕食は飯と汁物が多い傾向がみられた。又, 献立の内容では, 汁物では味噌汁がよく食され, 汁物の約85%を占めていた。おかずは炒めものが多く, おかずの52%も占めていた。おやつの内容は小麦粉製品なかでもパンがよくとられていた。3.食餌調査の結果, 栄養別摂状況は脂質とビタミンは充分摂取されていて100%を越すが, その他の, 熱量, 蛋白質, カルシウム, 鉄は不足していた。食品群別摂取状況では, 充分摂取された食品群は一つもない。50%以下の摂取率になっている食品群は, 果物類, 乳類, 豆類, 砂糖類, 卵類, 淡色野菜類である。女子では更に, 魚肉類, 獣鳥肉類, 緑黄色野菜も加わり, 食品総摂取量が男女とも, 摂取めやすに対し52%と低値であった。栄養比率では動蛋比が40%前後であった。栄養素比率では熱量源の第1位が穀類, 蛋白質源も穀類, 脂質源は肉類, カルシウム源は乳類, ビタミンA源はミルク(A強化), ビタミンB_1源は穀類(パンにB_1強化), ビタミンB_2は乳類, ビタミンC源は乳類(C強化)となっていた。蛋白価は男子が80,女子が77であった。又, 一日の栄養素摂取取に対する。学校給食からの栄養素摂取量を比率でみた場合, カルシウム, ビタミンA, ビタミンB_1,ビタミンB_2は50%以上を占めていた。学校給食の給与量に対する摂取率をみると, パンは70%前後, ミルクは84∿97%, おかずは89∿100%であった。4.身体計測・身体症候調査の結果, 体位においては男子の発育は良好で, 全琉の体位に比して優れているが, 女子は僅かならが劣っている。身体症候発現率の有症者は調査人員の約1/4を占め, 特に毛孔性角化症が著明に多く, 他の有症率は少い。性別では男子が有症者が多い傾向であった。準都市地域学童との体位身体症候発現率の差異をみると男子では身長, 体重ともにまさっているが女子ではやゝ劣った傾向がみられた。
1. The menu survey was done in November, 1967 and the nutrition survey (both physical and dietary) was conducted in December, 1967 at Kochinda Elementary School. The subjects were 152 pupils, 68 boys and 84 girls, ranging in age from 9 to 11 years. 2. As the results of the menu survey, the typical patterns of the day's menu were as follows : rice, soup and okazu (side-dish) for breakfast, lunch served at school and rice and shirumono (soup-type dish) for dinner. Among soups, the intake percent of miso-soup was the highest showing about 85% of whole soups, and about 52% of the side-dishes were pan fried. The kind of foods eaten as between-meals were mostly whole-wheat-flour products and bread was the highest among them. 3. In regard to dietary survey, the intakes of fats and vitamins were high when compared with the nutritional requirements but the total Calories, protein, calcium and iron were not enough. The total food intakes were very low regardless of sex showing 52% of the requirements and the intake percent of the following food groups were below 50% : Fruits, Milk, Pulses, Sugars, Eggs and Other vegetables for both boys and girls, and Fishes, Meats and Green and yellow vegetables for girls. The percentage of animal protein to the total protein intake was about 40%. The first food sources of each nutrient were as follows : Cereals for Calories, protein and vitamin B_1 (bread in school lunch is vitamin B_1 enriched), Meats for fats and Milk for calcium, vitamins A, B_2 and C (vitamins A and C enriched milk is served in school lunch). The protein scores were 80 for boys and 77 for girls. The intake percent of calcium, vitamins A, B_1,and B_2 from school lunch were more than 50% of the total day's intakes. The percentages of the actual intakes from school lunch when compared with the given amounts are as follows : the intake percent of bread was about 70%, that of milk was 84-97% and that of okazu (side-dish) was 89-100%. 4. In regard to physical measurements, boys were found to be superior to the whole Ryukyus average in hight and weight, but girls were inferior. Summarizing the physical condition, the percentage of the diseased was about one-fourth of the examined pupils and Follicular keratosis afflicts the largest percentage of nutritionally deficient pupils. The percentage of the diseased was high among girls than boys.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0370-4246
Publisher :琉球大学農学部
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/4560
Citation :琉球大学農学部学術報告 = The Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture. University of the Ryukyus no.16 p.324 -337
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