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Title :An annotated checklist of the monogeneans (Platyhelminthes) reported from Okinawa Prefecture, southern Japan (1936–2017), with four new Japanese records and one new prefectural record for fish monogeneans
Title alternative :日本新記録4種および沖縄県新記録1種を含む沖縄県産単生類の目録 (1936-2017年)
Authors :Nitta, Masato
Nagasawa, Kazuya
Authors alternative :新田, 理人
長澤, 和也
Issue Date :31-Oct-2018
Abstract :Parasite-Host and Host-Parasite lists were compiled based on the information on the monogeneans parasitic on or in animals of Okinawa Prefecture published between the years 1936 and 2017, including four new Japanese records and one new prefectural record for fish monogeneans. A total of 36 nominal species of the following six families have been reported: Capsalidae (7 species), Gyrodactylidae (2), Dactylogyridae (2), Ancyrocephalidae (20), Diplectanidae (3), and Polystomatidae (2). Thirty-nine records of unidentified monogeneans are also included. As the reported hosts, 51 species of fishes, one species of amphibian, and one species of reptile are listed. Four fish monogeneans, Gyrodactylus bullatarudis, G. turnbulli, Haliotrema epinepheli, and Heteronchocleidus buschkieli, are briefly described herein as new records from Japan, and one fish monogenean, Dactylogyrus minutus, is reported for the first time from Okinawa Prefecture.
1936–2017年に出版された文献および新記録に基づき,沖縄県産単生類(扁形動物)の寄生虫–宿主リストと宿主–寄生虫リストを整理した.その結果,下記新記録5種を含む36名義種が沖縄県から記録され,その内訳はハダムシ科7種,サンダイチュウ科2種,シセンチュウ科2種,ヨツメイカリ科20種,オウギエラムシ科3種,ポリストマ科2種であった.種まで同定されていない単生類の44記録を含めると,これまでに報告された単生類の宿主は魚類51種,両生類1種,爬虫類1種であった.魚類寄生性のGyrodactylus bullatarudis, G. turnbulli, Haliotrema epinepheli, Heteronchocleidus buschkieliの4種を日本新記録種,同じく魚類寄生性のDactylogyrusminutusを沖縄県初記録種として本目録に収録した.
URL :https://fauna-ryukyuana.webnode.jp/
Type Local :雑誌掲載論文
ISSN :2187-6657
Publisher :Ryukyu University Museum, Fujukan
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/46809
Citation :Fauna Ryukyuana Vol.46 p.11 -34
Appears in Collections:2018 - vol. 40–47

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