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Title :Spatial genetic structuring and demographic history of the little spinefoot Siganus spinus in the Western Pacific
Authors :Iwamoto, Kensuke
Chang, Chin-Wei
Imai, Hideyuki
Issue Date :20-Sep-2020
Abstract :Studies have suggested that fishes with broad distribution ranges, long pelagic duration, and great mobility in their early life histories may have an advantage in their ability to return to their natal reef habitats. Siganus spinus is a siganid fish with a broad dispersal strategy, which may also exploit its great mobility to enhance self-recruitment. Variations in mitochondrial DNA sequences were analysed to estimate the genetic structure and demographic history of Siganus spinus in the West Pacific. In total, 446 nucleotide sequences, including the tRNAThr gene, the tRNAPro gene, and the first half of the control region, were analysed from 240 individuals sampled at five sites spanning the West Pacific Ocean; 37 haplotypes were identified. Our results showed significant geographic genetic structure as well as isolation by distance. Both neutrality tests and mismatch distribution indicated that the population expansion of S. spinus through the study area may have occurred in the late Quaternary. A dispersal strategy characterised by large juveniles and open-sea distribution may have contributed to a sudden population expansion after the last glacial period, along with an expansion of distribution.
Type Local :雑誌掲載論文
ISSN :1345-0662
Publisher :Biogeographical Society of Japan
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/46909
Citation :Biogeography : international journal of biogeography, phylogeny, taxonomy, ecology, biodiversity, evolution, and conservation biology Vol.22 p.26 -34
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