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Title :アルピタン語の復興に対する諸問題と対策
Authors :Delbarre, Franck
Issue Date :Oct-2013
Abstract :This article follows another one published in 2012 and the aim of which was to provide the readers with a short sociological and historical overview about Arpitan (also called Francoprovençal), an endangered Romance kanguage very close to French and still spoken in some parts of France, Switzerland and Italy. This time, the article will focus on the main problems that this language and its speakers (mainly in France) face in their attempt to revive further or at least maintain it alive where it is still spoken, by evocating problematics such as language standardisation process, regional identity and institutional support. In the final part of the article, we will see what kind of measures have been put forward in order to help the language to be kept alive and then revitalized to a larger scale mainly within the French Rhône-Alpes area, by summarizing shortly the FORA report published in 2009. This article is just a summary of the diverse matters it is concerned with. Its aim is mainly to inform the Japanese readers about the efforts of revitalization undertaken by the Rhône-Alpes'regional authorities and regional language supporters towards the Arpitan dialects spoken in France and the various problems such a process has to cope with.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :0919-4215
Publisher :琉球大学法文学部国際言語文化学科欧米系
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/47007
Citation :言語文化研究紀要 : Scripsimus no.22 p.1 -20
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