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Title :沖縄語の形容詞の形態統語構造 : 分散形態論の観点から
Title alternative :Morphosyntactic Structure of Adjectives in Okinawan : A Distributed Morphology Analysis
Authors :吉本, 靖
Authors alternative :Yoshimoto, Yasushi
Issue Date :Mar-2021
Abstract :This paper examines the morphosyntactic structure of adjectives in Okinawan in the framework of Distributed Morphology (DM). From the outset of the modern linguistic analysis of the language, it was recognized that adjectival predicates contain the existential verb [aɴ]. Miyara (2000, 2019) offers the first synchronic analysis of them using the notion of morphemes. He insightfully proposes that the root of Okinawan adjectives ends in /s/ or /sj/. Building on his analysis, we suggest that these root-final sounds are manifestations of the adjective categorizer, adopting the familiar idea in DM that Roots are categoryless, and it is only when a categorizer merges with them that their category is determined.  The proposed analysis enables us to account for the fact that some compounds that seem to involve adjectival roots do not show the expected /s/ sound. Miyara (2000, 2019) accounts for this fact by saying that adjectival roots become a prefix by virtue of deleting the final /s/ sound. Although descriptively adequate, his analysis leaves open the question of why such a deletion takes place. From the perspective of our proposed analysis, this fact automatically follows from our assumption that compounds may contain a Root as their first element, while they may also contain a categorized Root in the same position.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :1341-0482
Publisher :国際地域創造学部国際言語文化プログラム
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/48427
Citation :琉球大学欧米文化論集 = Ryudai Review of Euro-American Studies no.65 p.25 -41
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