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Title :Physio-morphological Studies of F_1 Hybrids in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) : Photosynthetic ability and yield
Authors :Khan, Md. Nurul Alam
Murayama, Seiichi
Ishimine, Yukio
Tsuzuki, Eiji
Nakamura, Ichiro
Issue Date :Dec-1998
Abstract :Photosynthetic ability in terms of CO_2 exchange rate and leaf area, dry matter accumulation(dry weight)and other important growth components along with yield and yield contributing characters in two F_1 hybrids of Akebono × Chiyonishiki(A×C)and Zenith × Akebono(Z×A)were studied. The photosynthetic rate at the flowering stage was lower than that at the panicle initiation stage in all the inbred parent cultivars and F_1 hybrids. Heterosis in photosynthetic rate was higher at the panicle initiation stage than that at the flowering stage. Pre-anthesis leaf area in the F_1 hybrid was significantly larger than that in the parent cultivars. However, the post-anthesis decline in leaf area was more rapid in the F_1 hybrids than in the parent cultivars and its magnitude was the highest in the F_1 hybrid of Z × A which was tall having long and curved panicles. Pre-anthesis dry matter accumulation in both hybrids was significantly higher in the F_1 plants than the parental cultivars, but post-anthesis dry matter accumulation in the F_1 hybrid was lower than the mid-parental value in Z × A. The degree of heterosis in grain yield varied with the hybrid combination, an average heterosis being 1.03. Heterosis in grain yield was closely associated with heterosis in harvest index.
Type Local :雑誌掲載論文
ISSN :1343-943X
Publisher :The Crop Science Society of Japan
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/4867
Citation :Plant Production Science Vol.1 no.4 p.233 -239
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