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Title :覚 (懐胎届)
Title alternative :Oboe (Kaitaitodoke)
Memorandum (A report on pregnancies)
Authors :-
Abstract :丑年(年代不明)12月16日。12.5×22.8cm。2件,2枚。
石垣島白保村に関する懐胎届文書。2件の文書よりなり, 1件(1枚)は同村の「大山や」(屋号)の妊娠(懐胎)中の「なび」 (人名)が熱病に罹り「小産」した旨を報告したもの。 別の1件(1枚)は「かまど」「まかなし」(人名) 両名が懐胎したことを報告したもの。 2件とも同村所轄の役人である真謝目差(大浜仁屋), 真謝与人(ゆんちゅ)が差し出し人。 人口増加策を推進する首里王府によって妊婦の把握が行われていた実態を示す, 貴重な文書。
A report on pregnancies in Shiraho Village on Ishigaki Island. Comprises of 2 documents. The first reports that Nabi(name) from the Ooyama household had a fever and had a miscarriage. The second reports the pregnancies of Kamado and Makanashi. Both reports were filed by the Village's Majamezashi(Oohama, Niya) and Majayunchu. This is a very important document as it shows that the Shuri Government, through its efforts to increase the population, had methods of understanding the actual situation concerning pregnancies.
Type Local :沖縄関係コレクション
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/49026
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