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Title :初地入以来之日記
Title alternative :Hatsuchi iraino nikki
A diary since hatsuchi
Authors :-
Abstract :1件。7丁。22.8×16.2cm。芭蕉紙。子年3月。
This is Mezashi Maja's diary. The hatsuchi in the title refers to the government official's first arrival at their appointed areas of responsibility and conducting rituals etc with the local residents. On mainland Okinawa, the Aji Jitou and Soujitou conducts similar rituals and the same could be observed in Yaeyama. The entries covered the period between 20 March to 17 April. As Mezashi Maja is usually responsible for the village of Shiraho, the contents of this diary are thought to be refering to the same village. Includes observations on the various events of the village and a number of letters. Year written unknown.
Type Local :沖縄関係コレクション
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/49135
Appears in Collections:Miyara-Dounchi Collection

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