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1 Hair Abnormality in Netherton Syndrome Observed under Polarized Light Microscopy / Utsumi, Daisuke -- University of the RyukyusSep-2020 Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology Vol.83 no.3 p.847-853 学位論文
2 K1 gene transformation activities in AIDS-related and classic type Kaposi’s sarcoma : Correlation with clinical presentation / Uehara, Karina -- University of the Ryukyus23-Apr-2020 scientific reports Vol.9 no.6416学位論文
3 Quantitative digital image analysis of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in HER2-positive breast cancer / Abe, Norie -- University of the Ryukyus23-Dec-2019 Virchows Archiv Vol.476 p.701-709 学位論文
4 Adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells ameliorate bone marrow aplasia related with graft-versus-host disease in experimental murine models / Nishi, Yukiko -- University of the RyukyusAug-2019 Transplant Immunology Vol.55学位論文
5 A pilot assessment of xanthine oxidase activity in plasma from patients with hematological malignancies using a highly sensitive assay / Hokama, Noboru -- University of the Ryukyus29-Jul-2019 Hematological Oncology Vol.37 no.4 p.527-530 学位論文
6 Phosphorylated STAT3 expression predicts better prognosis in smoldering type of adult T‐cell leukemia/lymphoma / Morichika, Kazuho -- University of the Ryukyus25-Jun-2019 Cancer Science Vol.110 no.9 p.2982-2991 学位論文
7 The prognostic impact of a concentric left ventricular structure evaluated by transthoracic echocardiography in patients with acute decompensated heart failure : A retrospective study / Yamaguchi, Satoshi -- University of the Ryukyus15-Jul-2019 International Journal of Cardiology Vol.287 p.73-80 学位論文
8 Development of the 12-item questionnaire for quantitative assessment of depressive mixed state (DMX-12) / Shinzato, Hotaka -- University of the Ryukyus15-Jul-2019 Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment Vol.15 p.1983-1991 学位論文
9 Quantitative Emphysema Measurement On Ultra-High-Resolution CT Scans / Xu, Yanyan -- University of the Ryukyus8-Oct-2019 International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Vol.14 p.2283-2290 学位論文
10 Risk factors for progressive sarcopenia 6 months after complete resection of lung cancer : What can thoracic surgeons do against sarcopenia? / Nagata, Masashi -- University of the Ryukyus20-Dec-2019 Journal of Thoracic Disease Vol.12 no.3 p.308-318 学位論文