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1 Supply-Side Barriers to the Use of Public Healthcare Facilities for Childhood Illness Care in Rural Zambia : A Cross-Sectional Study Linking Data from a Healthcare Facility Census to a Household Survey / Mochida, Keiji,Nonaka, Daisuke,Wamulume, Jason,Kobayashi, Jun -- MDPI21-May-2021 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Vol.18 no.10雑誌掲載論文
2 Effects of Hand-Washing Facilities withWater and Soap on Diarrhea Incidence among Children under Five Years in Lao People’s Democratic Republic : A Cross-Sectional Study / Noguchi, Yuko,Nonaka, Daisuke,Kounnavong, Sengchanh,Kobayashi, Jun -- MDPI14-Jan-2021 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Vol.18 no.2雑誌掲載論文
3 Roles of Pyk2 in signal transduction after gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor stimulation / Okitsu, Shiho -- University of the Ryukyus27-Sep-2020 Journal of Cellular Physiology Vol.236 no.4学位論文
4 Use of prehospital qSOFA in predicting in-hospital mortality in patients with suspected infection : A retrospective cohort study / Koyama, Satoshi -- University of the Ryukyus7-May-2019 PLoS ONE Vol.14 no.5学位論文
5 The human EDAR 370V/A polymorphism affects tooth root morphology potentially through the modification of a reaction-diffusion system / Kataoka, Keiichi -- University of the Ryukyus4-Mar-2021 Scientific Reports Vol.11学位論文
6 Temozolomide targets and arrests a doxorubicin-resistant follicular dendritic-cell sarcoma patient-derived orthotopic xenograft mouse model / Oshiro, Hiromichi -- University of the Ryukyus3-Apr-2019 学位論文
7 Predictive factors of posttreatment fracture by definitive radiotherapy for uterine cervical cancer / Ishikawa, Kazuki -- University of the Ryukyus23-Mar-2021 学位論文
8 Clinical characteristics of community-acquired pneumonia due to Moraxella catarrhalis in adults : a retrospective singlecentre study / Hirai, Jun -- University of the Ryukyus23-Mar-2021 学位論文
9 Prognostic significance of hypoxia-inducible factor-1α expression in advanced pharyngeal cancer without human papillomavirus infection / Agena, Shinya -- University of the Ryukyus26-Jan-2021 学位論文
10 Metabolically and immunologically beneficial impact of extra virgin olive and flaxseed oils on composition of gut microbiota in mice / Millman, Jasmine -- University of the Ryukyus30-Sep-2020 学位論文