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Title :Effects of Planting Date on Emergence, Growth and Yield of Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) in Okinawa Prefecture, Southern Japan
Title alternative :沖縄県におけるウコンの植付時期が、出芽、生育および収量に及ぼす影響
Authors :Ishimine, Yukio
Hossain, Md. Amzad
Motomura, Keiji
Akamine, Hikaru
Hirayama, Takuji
Authors alternative :石嶺, 行男
本村, 恵二
赤嶺, 光
平山, 琢二
Issue Date :1-Mar-2004
Abstract :The present study was conducted to evaluate the effects of the temperature and planting date (month) on the emergence, growth and yield of turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) plats in Okinawa Prefecture, Southern Japan. Turmeric rhizomes were planted on February 15, March 15, April 15, May 15 and June 15 as treatments for the planting date. Temperature range of 25-35 °C was optimum for the sprouting of turmeric rhizome-buds, and sprouting did not occur below 10 °C or above 40 °C. Seedlings elongated well in the temperature range between 25 and 30 °C, but could not survive at above 40 °C. The emergence of the turmeric seedlings in the February, March and April plantings started at nearly the same time, and was completed within June. Shoots of turmeric plants differing in the planting month started to wither at the same time in November, and completely withered in January. Shoot dry weight and yield of turmeric plants were significantly higher in the February planting followed by the March and April plantings than in late planting in the glasshouse experiment, whereas in the field experiment the values of these two parameters were significantly higher in the April planting followed by the March and February plantings than in the late planting. The fields of the turmeric plants in the February and March plantings required additional weeding before emergence because winter and spring weeds emerged earlier and grew vigorously. The order of total weed dry weight was as follows: February planting> March planting >April planting >May planting >June planting. The emergence pattern, growth and yield of turmeric plants, and weed growth in the field experiment suggested that turmeric should be planted in April followed by March in Okinawa, Japan.
沖縄県におけるウコン(Curcuma longa L.)の植付時期(月)が、出芽、生育および収量に及ぼす影響を調査した.その結果、10°C以下と40°C以上では発芽が見られず、最適な発芽温度は、25°Cから35°Cであった.幼植物の生育は、25°Cから30°Cが良く、40°C以上では枯死した.2月、3月、および4月に植付けたウコン根茎はほぼ同じ時期に出芽し始め、6月末までには全て出芽した.沖縄地域では2月~6月と植付け時期を変えてもウコンの地上部は11月頃から黄化が始まり、1月には完全に枯死した.ウコンの地上乾物重と根茎重(収量)は、ガラス室内での実験においては、2月植付区が最も高く、3月、4月植付区の間に差はなかった.5月、6月植付区の収量は極めて低かった.一方、圃場試験区においては、4月植付区が有意に高く、次いで3月、2月植付区の順であった.しかしながら、2月と3月に植付けた区では、ウコンの出芽前に冬雑草および春雑草が繁栄し、除草作業が必要となった.更に雑草の乾物重は、2月植付区が最も高く、次いで3、4、5、6月の植付区の順であった.以上の結果から、沖縄県におけるウコンの植付時期は、4月が最も適しており、次いで3月が良いことが示唆された.
Type Local :雑誌掲載論文
ISSN :0021-5260
Publisher :日本熱帯農業学会
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/5010
Citation :熱帯農業 = Japanese Journal of Tropical Agriculture Vol.48 no.1 p.10 -16
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