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1 A study on durability evaluation and maintenance method for steel-concrete composite girders / Nasiri, Ahmadullah -- University of the Ryukyus17-Sep-2021 学位論文
2 再生可能エネルギー大量導入に向けた系統安定性および社会便益に基づく最適系統運用に関する研究 / 古栫, 雅裕 -- 琉球大学17-Sep-2021 学位論文
3 Sustainable supply and delivery of green energy through optimized strategies taking into consideration technical and economic constraints / Ahmadi, Mikaeel -- University of the Ryukyus17-Sep-2021 学位論文
4 A Study on Applicability of Machine Learning and Statistical Approaches on Low Resources Language Processing : Case Dari and Pashto / Dawodi, Mursal -- University of the Ryukyus17-Sep-2021 学位論文
5 Durability of preflex beam under cyclic loading / Nasiri, Ahmadullah,Shimozato, Tetsuhiro -- Elsevier2021 Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal Vol.24 no.6 p.1361-1372 雑誌掲載論文
6 Numerical study on the temporal changes of the principal stresses at the ends of the hollow PC-girders to control horizontal end cracks / Karimi, Abdul Khaliq,Uchida, Ryota,Aasim, Bashir Ahmad,Tomiyama, Jun,Suda, Yuya -- Indian Society for Education and Environment7-May-2021 Indian Journal of Science and Technology Vol.14 no.16 p.1283-1295 雑誌掲載論文
7 Horizontal end crack control and load-bearing capacity performance of hollow-type pretensioned girders through experimentally calibrated finite element models / Aasim, Bashir Ahmad,Karimi, Abdul Khaliq,Tomiyama, Jun,Suda, Yuya -- ElsevierFeb-2021 Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal Vol.24 no.5 p.1262-1271 雑誌掲載論文
8 Multi-task Learning とMulti-stream の統合モデルを用いた単眼深度推定 / 髙嶺, 潮,遠藤, 聡志 -- 人工知能学会1-Sep-2021 人工知能学会論文誌 Vol.36 no.5雑誌掲載論文
9 PCA‑based unsupervised feature extraction for gene expression analysis of COVID‑19 patients / Fujisawa, Kota,Shimo, Mamoru,Taguchi, Y.‑H.,Ikematsu, Shinya,Miyata, Ryota -- Nature Research30-Aug-2021 Scientific Reports Vol.11雑誌掲載論文
10 Domain knowledge integration into deep learning for typhoon intensity classifcation / Higa, Maiki,Tanahara, Shinya,Adachi, Yoshitaka,Ishiki, Natsumi,Nakama, Shin,Yamada, Hiroyuki,Ito, Kosuke,Kitamoto, Asanobu,Miyata, Ryota -- Nature Research21-Jun-2021 Scientific Reports Vol.11雑誌掲載論文