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Title :覚(未年役人寄)
Title alternative :Oboe (Midoshi yakunin yose)
Memorandum (A list of Government Officials)
Authors :-
Abstract :1件。2丁。13.0×38.5cm。
This is a list of government officials who worked for the Yaeyama administration and is most probably a copy of the one submitted to the Omonobugyousho of the Shuri Government. Contains the names and ages of 50 people, including the Oomezashi, Oohissha, Wakimezashi and Souyokomehissha employed by the Kuramoto, as well as the officials of each village, such as the Somayama Hissha(Writer for government forests) and Kousaku Hissha (Writer for cultivation). The text was dated 23 Febuary and has the joint signitures of the Kashira, Zaiban Hissha, Kenmigoshishaaitsuke, Peechin Oogimisatonushi(Kenmigoshisha) and Peechin Nagosatonushi(Zaiban). According to Goshishazaibanki, Kenmishisha Oogimi visited in 1858 and Zaiban Nago in 1860.
Type Local :沖縄関係コレクション
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/6270
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