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Title :牛馬帳
Title alternative :Gyuubachou
Record of cattle and horses
Authors :宮良當整
Issue Date :ミヤラ, トウセイ
Abstract :明治32(1899)年8月下旬改製。25.3×18.7cm。1件,1冊。
宮良當整の業務上の控え。八重山・宮古は近世期から牛馬の飼育状況を把握する台帳 (牛馬の戸籍)を整備することが義務づけられており, 本史料はその延長線にあるもの。牛馬ごとに個別的に記載し, その牛馬の母親,誕生年月,所有権の移動などを戸籍形式で記す。 文中に登場する「繋牛」「繋馬」は非放牧の意味か。 先島社会における牛馬の飼育およびその行政的把握を検討するうえで, 類例の少ない史料の一つである。
Miyara Tousei's business record. In recent times, it has become compulsory for the Miyako and Yaeyama areas to keep a record of their cattle and horses in a document called daichou. The cattle and horses were recorded individually, with details on their mother, date of birth, and the transferability of their ownership etc. The terms tsunagi ushi and tsunagi uma may be referring to the animals that are not farmed. This is a rare document discussing the administrative measures taken towards the raising of cattle and horses in the Sakishima society.
Type Local :沖縄関係コレクション
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/6411
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