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Title :教員養成最終段階におけるプラクティススクールによる総合的力量の形成とその明示的な確認に資する事業 : 平成19年度文部科学省教員養成改革モデル事業(教職実践演習の試行)
Title alternative :Practice school teacher training workshop trial project
Authors :-
Issue Date :29-Mar-2008
Abstract :The Practice School is partly an imitation elementary / middle school, but more so, the project is a run-by-the-students teacher training program. Performed by university students at nearby elementary and middle school; the aim of the Practice School was to help the future educators acquire the minimum requirements (or essentials)needed to become a teacher. The Four Practice School started in mid October 2007, and using a Central Education Council report on the "Four Requirements of Teaching in Japan" as the programs core, a two dimensional standard for evaluation was drawn. Evaluations also took place in the form of self-evaluations, peer evaluations and professor evaluations using a digital pen each time. This system, created by professors and an educational learning business, also allows for quick handling of large amounts of data, and for also showing the individual qualifications and capabilities of each student. while technically digital, this system is analog, and extremely helpful in classroom and course reflections. The Practice School is not only ensure students are fully qualified by making the graduating process more difficult, but also to give students various feedback on their abilities. Basically, before giving student teachers licenses to teach, allows professors to tell students what their qualifications and abilities are, what they need to improve on and ensure that they have proper understanding of being educators.
Type Local :研究報告書
Publisher :小林, 稔
岩政, 輝男
會澤, 卓司
URI :http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12000/8847
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