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The Coupling of L-O Phonons and Plasmons in Polar SemiconductorsYonashiro, Katsukuni; 与那城, 勝邦Mar-1974
The Low-Temperature Specific Heat of' the Charged-Boson and –Fermion System at the High-Density LimitGinoza, Mitsuaki; Yonashiro, Katsukuni; 宜野座, 光昭; 与那城, 勝邦1-Mar-1973
Note on the Nozieres-Pines Collective Approach to the Dielectric ConstantYonashiro, Katsukuni; Kamizato, Tsuneo; Ginoza, Mitsuaki; 与那城, 勝邦; 神里, 常雄; 宜野座, 光昭1-Mar-1975

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