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Tangent Cones and Multiplicities of Analytic SpacesKato, Mitsuo; 加藤, 満生1-Mar-1975
The b function of a μ-constant deformation of x^7+y^5.Kato, Mitsuo; 加藤, 満生Sep-1981
The flat coordinate system of the rational double point of E8 typeKato, Mitsuo; Watanabe, Satoshi; 加藤, 満生; 渡部, 敏Sep-1981
The b-function of μ-constant deformation of x^9+y^4Kato, Mitsuo; 加藤, 満生Mar-1982
The flat coordinates of universal unfoldings of E^^~_6 and E^^~_7.Kato, Mitsuo; 加藤, 満生Oct-1986
The Primitive Form of E^<12>Kato, Mitsuo; 加藤, 満生Nov-1987
A Pfaffian system of Appell's F4Kato, Mitsuo; 加藤, 満生Sep-1988
The irreducibilities of Appell's F_4Kato, Mitsuo; 加藤, 満生20-Jan-1995
3次元空間内の球の配置の研究前原, 濶; 加藤, 満生; 松本, 修一; 徳重, 典英; Maehara, Hiroshi; Kato, Mitsuo; Matsumoto, Shuichi; Tokushige, NorihideMar-2001
有限モノドロミー群をもつ超幾何微分方程式の Schwarz map加藤, 満生; Kato, MitsuoMar-2002

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