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Crystal Forms of Calcium Carbonate Formed from Calcium Bicarbonate Solution Containing Heavy Metal IonsTokuyama, Akira; Kitano, Yasushi; Kanamori, Nobuko; 渡久山, 章; 北野, 康; 金森, 暢子1-Mar-1973
Reddish Soils formed in Limestone Area of the Ryukyu Islands Part 1 Minor Element ContentsTaira, Hatsuo; Kitano, Yasushi; Kaneshima, Kiyoshi; 平良, 初男; 北野, 康; 兼島, 清Sep-1977
Distribution of Protodolomite in Minami-daito-jima, OkinawaOhde, Shigeru; Kitano, Yasushi; 大出, 茂; 北野, 康Mar-1982

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