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TitleAuthors Date of Issue
Learning Anotherness through Dialogics: The Multicultural Writings and Teachings of Bernard MalamudKobayashi, Masaomi; 小林, 正臣Sep-2005
Reshaping Personhood : Fictions of Fatness and Problems of PersonsKobayashi, Masaomi; 小林, 正臣Oct-2005
The Pursuit of Interdisciplinarities: A Critique of Cultural StudiesKobayashi, Masaomi; 小林, 正臣Mar-2006
The New Economic Criticism : Preliminary FoundationsKobayashi, Masaomi; 小林, 正臣Mar-2006
Silence, Speech, and Shadowiness : Amitav Ghosh's The Shadow LinesKobayashi, Masaomi; 小林, 正臣Oct-2006
Humans, Persons, and Citizens : An Inquiry into American LiteraturesKobayashi, Masaomi; 小林, 正臣Oct-2007
やがて楽しき外国語小林, 正臣Sep-2014
広義の「英米文学」の講義 : どのような物語を、どのような文脈で小林, 正臣; Kobayashi, Masaomi31-Oct-2017
The Universe of the Office: Fight Club and BartlebysKobayashi, Masaomi; 小林, 正臣30-Nov-2018

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