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溶液成長に於ける溶質場の安定性解析斉藤, 正敏; 押川, 渡; 糸村, 昌祐; Saitou, Masatoshi; Oshikawa, Wataru; Intomura, Shousuke25-Jan-1998
Surface roughening in the growth of direct current or pulse current electrodeposited nickel thin filmsSaitou, Masatoshi; Oshikawa, W; Mori, M; Makabe, A; 斉藤, 正敏Dec-2001
アノード溶解したニッケル薄膜の表面フラクタル次元真壁, 朝宏; 押川, 渡; 斉藤, 正敏; Makabe, Asahiro; Oshikawa, Wataru; Saitou, Masatoshi25-Dec-2001
Surface growth of Ni thin films electrodeposited on Ni(100) surfacesSaitou, Masatoshi; Hamaguchi, K; Oshikawa, W; 斉藤, 正敏Mar-2003
Amorphous structures and kinetics of phosphorous incorporation in electrodeposited Ni-P thin filmsSaitou, Masatoshi; Okudaira, Y; Oshikawa, W; 斉藤, 正敏Mar-2003
動的スケーリング理論を用いたAFMによる電気めっき薄膜の成長機構に関する研究斉藤, 正敏; 押川, 渡; Saitou, Masatoshi; Oshikawa, WataruMay-2003
Macro internal structures of porous Ni-P films electrodeposited under galvanostatic conditionsSaitou, Masatoshi; Okudaira, Y; 斉藤, 正敏2004
A study on transient changes of surface morphologies in Ag and Sb coelectrodepositionSaitou, Masatoshi; Fukuoka, Y; 斉藤, 正敏2004
Kinetic electrode reactions in silver electrodeposition using a multipulse current measurementSaitou, Masatoshi; 斉藤, 正敏2005
電荷移動反応を伴う電析による薄膜形成過程に関する研究斉藤, 正敏; 押川, 渡; Saitou, Masatoshi; Oshikawa, WataruMar-2005

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