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Generalized states and measuring processes for continuous observablesMatsumoto, Shuichi; 松本, 修一25-Feb-1993
A reexamination of the Wigner and Araki-Yanase theorem, 2Matsumoto, Shuichi; 松本, 修一20-Jan-1995
Fluctuations in spacetime and localization of the wave functionMatsumoto, Shuichi; 松本, 修一27-Dec-1996
A note on iterations of mappings on an intervalTamashiro, Tsuyoshi; Matsumoto, Shuichi; 松本, 修一27-Dec-1997
On a minimum uncertainty of space-time geometryMatsumoto, Shuichi; 松本, 修一27-Dec-1997
Proper time as an operatorMatsumoto, Shuichi; 松本, 修一30-Dec-1999
3次元空間内の球の配置の研究前原, 濶; 加藤, 満生; 松本, 修一; 徳重, 典英; Maehara, Hiroshi; Kato, Mitsuo; Matsumoto, Shuichi; Tokushige, NorihideMar-2001
On Schrödinger's variation principleKudaka, Shoju; Matsumoto, Shuichi; 松本, 修一30-Dec-2001
On the dodecahedral groupKomine, Kenji; Matsumoto, Shuichi; 松本, 修一30-Dec-2003
A quantum theoretical formulation of proper time for spin 1/2 particlesKudaka, Shoju; Matsumoto, Shuichi; 松本, 修一30-Dec-2004

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