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エコフェミニズム再考―開発資本主義家父長制に対するオルタナティブな理論として―渡久山, 清美; 渡久山, 幸功; Tokuyama, Kiyomi; Maedomari, Kiyomi; Tokuyama, YukinoriMar-2013
Representations of “Okinawa” in Major U.S. Newspapers : A Focus on US Military-related Issues in Okinawa (2012 - 2014)Kiyomi, Maedomari-Tokuyama; 渡久山, 清美Mar-2017
Representations of U.S. Military-related Matters in Major U.S. Newspapers (2015)渡久山, 清美; Maedomari-Tokuyama, KiyomiMar-2018
プロフェッサー・オブ・ザ・イヤーを受賞して渡久山, 清美Mar-2019
Representations of Okinawa in Major U.S. Newspapers (2016)Tokuyama, Kiyomi; 渡久山, 清美Mar-2020

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