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北西太平洋域から初記録となる魚類寄生性カイアシ類ウオノハブラシ (新称) Lernaeolophus sultanus (管口目ペンネラ科)上野, 大輔; 小室, 裕樹; 邱, 永晋; 長澤, 和也; Uyeno, Daisuke; Komuro, Hiroki; Qiu, Yongjin; Nagasawa, Kazuya14-Sep-2014
First record of a gill parasite, Dactylogyrus extensus (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae) co-introduced with common carp into Okinawa-jima Island, southern JapanNitta, Masato; Nagasawa, Kazuya; 新田, 理人; 長澤, 和也13-Dec-2015
An annotated checklist of the monogeneans (Platyhelminthes) reported from Okinawa Prefecture, southern Japan (1936–2017), with four new Japanese records and one new prefectural record for fish monogeneansNitta, Masato; Nagasawa, Kazuya; 新田, 理人; 長澤, 和也31-Oct-2018

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