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沖縄島から初めて記録されたネッタイイセエビ(新称)とRAPDマーカーによる分子系統学的位置アブドゥラ, ムハッマド ファドリー; 井上, 博; 岩本, 健輔; 今井, 秀行; Abdullah, Muhamad Fadry; Inoue, Hiroshi; Iwamoto, Kensuke; Imai, Hideyuki15-Sep-2010
Studies on genetic population structure and phylogenetic analysis of pronghorn spiny lobster in the Indo-PacificAbdullah, Muhamad Fadry; アブドゥラ, ムハマド ファドリー10-Sep-2014
Genetic isolation of the mottled spinefoot Siganus fuscescens Ryukyu Archipelago populationIwamoto, Kensuke; Abdullah, Muhamad Fadry; Chang, Chih-Wei; Yoshino, Tetsuo; Imai, Hideyuki20-Sep-2015
Development of compound polymorphic microsatellite markers for the pronghorn spiny lobster Panulirus penicillatus and comparison of microsatellite data with those of a previous mitochondrial DNA study performed in the northwestern PacificAbdullah, Muhamad Fadry; Cheng, Jin-Hua; Chen, Tzyy-Ing; Imai, Hideyuki20-Sep-2017

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