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The effect of tramadol on sneeze-induced urethral continence reflex throughμ-opioid receptors in the spinal cord in rats芦刈, 明日香; Ashikari, Asuka10-Feb-2018
Effect of a mobile digital intervention to enhance physical activity in individuals with metabolic disorders on voiding patterns measured by 24-h voided volume monitoring system: Kumejima Digital Health Project (KDHP)Miyazato, Minoru; Ashikari, Asuka; Nakamura, Koshi; Nakamura, Takehiro; Yamashiro, Kiyoto; Uema, Tsugumi; Uehara, Moriyuki; Masuzaki, Hiroaki; Saito, Seiichi; Maeda, Shiro; Ishida, Hajime; Matsushita, Masayuki28-Apr-2021

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