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Specifying Air-Sea Exchange Coefficients in the High-Wind Regime of a Mature Tropical Cyclone by an Adjoint Data Assimilation MethodIto, Kosuke; Ishikawa, Yoichi; Awaji, Toshiyuki7-Jan-2010
Short-Time-Scale Processes in a Mature Hurricane as a Response to Sea Surface FluctuationsIto, Kosuke; Ishikawa, Yoichi; Miyamato, Yoshiaki; Awaji, Toshiyuki1-Oct-2011
Simultaneous Optimization of Air̶Sea Exchange Coefficients and Initial Conditions near a Tropical Cyclone Using JNoVAIto, Kosuke; Kawabata, Takuya; Teruyuki, Kato; Honda, Yuki; Ishikawa, Yoichi; Awaji, Toshiyuki17-Jul-2013

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