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Immunophenotypic characterization of CSF B cells in virus-associated neuroinflammatory diseasesEnose-Akahata, Yoshimi; Azodi, Shila; Smith, Bryan R.; Billioux, Bridgette Jeanne; Vellucci, Ashley; Ngouth, Nyater; Tanaka, Yuetsu; Ohayon, Joan; Cortese, Irene; Nath, Avindra; Jacobson, Steven30-Apr-2018
Viral antigens detectable in CSF exosomes from patients with retrovirus associated neurologic disease : functional role of exosomes.Anderson, Monique R.; Pleet, Michelle L.; Enose-Akahata, Yoshimi; Erickson, James; Monaco, Maria Chiara; Akpamagbo, Yao; Velluchi, Ashley; Tanaka, Yuetsu; Azodi, Shila; Lepene, Ben; Jones, Jennifer; Kashanchi, Fatah; Jacobson, Steven27-Aug-2018

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