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Geology, structure and metamorphism of the Mai khola area, southwestern part of Ilam Bazaar, eastern NepalChamlagain, Deepak; Rai, Santa Man; Hayashi, Daigoro; 林, 大五郎Mar-2003
Fault development in the Thakkhola half graben : insights from numerical simulationChamlagain, Deepak; Hayashi, Daigoro; 林, 大五郎Mar-2005
Numerical Modelling of Graben Faults with Special Reference to Thakkhola Half Graben, Central Nepal HimalayaChamlagain, Deepak; Hayashi, Daigoro; 林, 大五郎2006
FE modeling of contemporary tectonic stress in the India-Eurasia collision zoneChamlagain, Deepak; Hayashi, Daigoro; 林, 大五郎Mar-2008

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