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Genetics and morphology of two gizzard shads, Nematalosa japonica and N.come,in a hybrid zone of Okinawa Island (Clupeiformes:Clupeidae).Imai, Hideyuki; Kashiwagi, Fumi; Cheng, Jin-Hua; Chen, Tzyy-Ing; Tachihara, Katsunori; Yoshino, Tetsuo6-Mar-2006
Genetic diversity and population genetic structure of Macrobrachium lar and M. formosense in the Ryukyu archipelagoImai, Hideyuki; Ikeda, Hiroshi; Cheng, Jin-Hua10-Mar-2007
Genetic and morphological differentiation in the Sakura shrimp (Sergia lucens) between Japanese and Taiwanese populationsImai, Hideyuki; Hanamura, Yukio; Cheng, Jin-Hua27-Sep-2013
Development of compound polymorphic microsatellite markers for the pronghorn spiny lobster Panulirus penicillatus and comparison of microsatellite data with those of a previous mitochondrial DNA study performed in the northwestern PacificAbdullah, Muhamad Fadry; Cheng, Jin-Hua; Chen, Tzyy-Ing; Imai, Hideyuki20-Sep-2017

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