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Spectral Diversity and Regulation of Coral Fluorescence in a Mesophotic Reef Habitat in the Red SeaEyal, Gal; Wiedenmann, Joerg; Grinblat, Mila; D'Angelo, Cecilia; Kramarsky-Winter, Esti; Treibitz, Tali; Ben-Zvi, Or; Shaked, Yonathan; Smith, Tyler B.; Harii, Saki; Denis, Vianney; Noyes, Tim; Tamir, Raz; Loya, Yossi24-Jun-2015
Repetitive sex change in the stony coral Herpolitha limax across a wide geographic rangeEyal-Shaham, Lee; Eyal, Gal; Sakai, Kazuhiko; Nozawa, Yoko; Harii, Saki; Sinniger, Frederic; Bronstein, Omri; Ben-Zvi, Or; Shlesinger, Tom; Loya, Yossi27-Feb-2019

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