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Woody species diversity and floristic similarity in relation to the stand stratification of a subtropical rain forest in the northern part of Okinawa IslandFeroz, S.M.; Hagihara, A.; Yokota, M.6-Mar-2006
Canopy Multi-layering and Woody Species Diversity in a Subtropical Evergreen Broadleaf Forest in Okinawa Island, JapanHagihara, Akio; Feroz, S.M.; Yokota, Masatsugu2-Dec-2006
Multi-layering structure and woody species diversity in a subtropical evergreen broadleaf forest in Ishigaki Island of the Ryukyu ArchipelagoFeroz, S.M.; Wu, M.; Li, Y.; Sharma, S.; Suwa, Rempei; Nakamura, Koh; Hagihara, Akio; Denda, Tetsuo; Yokota, Masatsugu10-Mar-2007

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