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Current chelonian diversity in the East Asian IslandsFujii, Ryo2007/9/25
ミトコンドリアDNAの配列変異に基づく,ミナミイシガメ Mauremys mutica (爬虫綱,イシガメ科) の亜種分類の再検討藤井, 亮; 太田, 英利; Fujii, Ryo; Ota, Hidetoshi1-Mar-2008
Genetic and morphological analyses of a putative hybrid population of native and exotic freshwater turtles in Honshu, JapanFujii, Ryo2008/11/1
核DNAの配列変異に基くミナミイシガメ Mauremys mutica (爬虫網, イシガメ科)の亜種分類の再検討藤井, 亮; 太田, 英利; Fujii, Ryo; Ota, Hidetoshi14-Mar-2009

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