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Complex or Complicated? Implications for Word Meaning Knowledge Development in Foreign LanguageGoya, Hideki; 呉屋, 英樹31-Mar-2015
Content-Based Instruction in an EFL Writing Class: Is English Medium Instruction (EMI) Effective for Productive Development of L2 Lexes among Japanese EFL Learners?Goya, Hideki; 呉屋, 英樹30-Nov-2018
Ethnographic Investigation of Learners' Perceptions in an ESL ProgramGoya, Hideki; 呉屋, 英樹31-Mar-2014
Impact of English as Medium of Instruction (EMI) in EFL : To What Extent Does Teaching in English Affect ThinkingProcesses of EFL Learners?Goya, Hideki; 呉屋, 英樹31-Mar-2020
Killing two birds with one stone : Does Active Learning (AL) based writing course simultaneously develop L2 learners' critical thinking and L2 proficiency?Goya, Hideki; 呉屋, 英樹31-Mar-2016
Leaping a Lexical Gap : Does College Textbook Effectively Help Students Learn Less Frequent Vocabulary?Goya, Hideki; 呉屋, 英樹31-Oct-2016
Lexical Performance in L1: What is Native-like Lexical Competence?Goya, Hideki; 呉屋, 英樹31-Oct-2014
Review of Pre-service Teacher-training Program from an Active Learning Perspective : What Needs to be Considered to Help College Students Become English Teachers?Goya, Hideki10-Mar-2017
「主体的,対話的で深い学び」とは:英語教育におけるAL型授業の認識調査から見える現状について呉屋, 英樹; Goya, Hideki31-Oct-2019

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