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三重効用蒸發罐における平衡濃度と濃縮に必要な時間について比嘉, 良夫; Higa, YoshioDec-1957
センダン樹皮の粉末化に関する研究比嘉, 良夫; 森, 巌; 潮平, 寛英; 諸見里, 眞元; Higa, Yoshio; Mori, Iwao; Shiohira, Kanei; Moromisato, ShingenDec-1957
Calculation of the Number of Equilibrium StagesHiga, Yoshio; 比嘉, 良夫Jun-1959
Study on the Small Type Orifice Meter Made of Plastic MaterialsHiga, Yoshio; 比嘉, 良夫May-1963
Study on the Material Balance and Energy Balance on the Okinawa Chlorine Industry Co. Ltd.HIga, Yoshio; 比嘉, 良夫May-1964
Study on the Rheological Constants for MolassesHiga, Yoshio; 比嘉, 良夫Jun-1965
Study on the Rheological Constants and Average Molecular Weight for MolassesHiga, Yoshio; 比嘉, 良夫Jun-1966
Study On The Rehological Constants And Specific Heats for MolassesHiga, Yoshio; 比嘉, 良夫Mar-1967
Study on the Rheological Behavior for MolassesHiga, Yoshio; 比嘉, 良夫May-1968

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