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[COE研究員の研究紹介] サンゴ礁と褐虫藻の共生関係の多様性廣瀬, 慎美子; Hirose, MamikoJul-2005
Attempts to detect genetic difference among sibling planulae and between parent and offspring of the coral Pocillopora damicornis: Microsatellite and ITSHirose, Mamiko; Diah, Permata W.; Hidaka, Michio6-Mar-2006
サンゴ-褐虫藻共生系の多様性とストレス耐性に関する研究日高, 道雄; 広瀬, 慎美子; 磯村, 尚子; Hidaka, Michio; Hirose, Mamiko; Isomura, NaokoMar-2007
Divergent fluctuations in zooxanthella genotypes and physiological characteristics in the two species of genus PavonaSuwa, Ryota; Hirose, Mamiko; Hidaka, Michio10-Mar-2007
琉球列島に生息する藻類共生性群体ホヤ,チャツボボヤ(Didemnum molle; ホヤ綱ジデムニ科)の形態変異と遺伝的差異広瀬, 慎美子; 横堀, 伸一; 広瀬, 裕一; Hirose, Mamiko; Yokobori, Shin-ichi; Hirose, Euichi1-Mar-2008
[COE研究員研究概要]造礁サンゴ類ー褐虫藻の共生関係成立に関する研究広瀬, 慎美子; Hirose, MamikoMar-2009
DNA barcoding and molecular phylogeny in the photosymbiotic Diplosoma from the Ryukyus (Ascidiacea: Didemnidae).Hirose, Mamiko; Hirose, Euichi14-Mar-2009

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