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Microwave Propagation CharacteristicsInami, Tadao; 伊波, 直朗Dec-1960
Noise in Tubes and Circuits in a Tuner of a Television ReceiverInami, Tadao; 伊波, 直朗Jun-1961
On Some Properties of Resistance FunctionsInami, Tadao; 伊波, 直朗Jun-1961
A Design of Television Relay System between Japanese Mainland and OkinawaInami, Tadao; 伊波, 直朗Jun-1961
Electromagnetic Waves in Metallic Wave-guides of Rectangular Cross Section Filled Longitudinally with two Lossless DielectricsINAMI, Tadao; 伊波, 直朗Jun-1961
Theorems on number of "trees" with a given number of "knots" or "branches" and on "spanning graphs"Inami, Tadao; 伊波, 直朗Jun-1961
10桁のルジャンドル函数の数表伊波, 直朗; Inami, TadaoApr-1971

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